we are

…a branded, interactive, digital platform for paperless Advisory Board meetings trusted by the healthcare community since 2014. While it all started with a remotely controlled agenda, presentations and worksheets, we are now combining patient case videos and animations with interactive presentations and questionnaires for a well rounded, integrated and engaging user experience.

Adboards.co is a meeting platform for in-person or virtual Advisory Board Meetings, developed and maintained by Code Revolt Software Inc., a collective of software developers, designers and creative professionals producing health education tools for 15 years. We use modern REST APIs to securely collect and distribute information from our central repository in the cloud. This platform has grown into a mature online education tool, tying slides, videos, animations and questionnaires into simple, straightforward, on-demand educational sessions. Please contact us for a demo.

immediately available, safe and secure

AdBoard meetings are built around the agenda, containing the information on timing, faculty and location, and questionnaires. Questionnaires can be timed and started automatically on client devices, driven from a presenter’s device, or started individually by attendees from the agenda screen.

Both the agenda and the questionnaires are built in advance and distributed to multiple client devices (typically tablets) when the device is registered before the meeting. Only preregistered devices can join your meeting, and the answers will be collected only during the actual meeting. Once the device is registered for the meeting, any further changes to the agenda, faculty, bios or questionnaires are published automatically.

The data collected is hosted in the cloud, safe backups are happening continuously. The aggregate results are available to the meeting host in real time.

Meetings are timed, limited by a starting and ending date and time. The same device can be reused for many meeting by simply changing a unique meeting id.

engaging iOS and Web apps

our Advisory Boards are build both for mobile devices and desktops. They are intuitive, easy to use on iOS and Windows tablets. They are also engaging; when you need to tell a story, a patient case, we use videos or animation. Our worksheets use custom made controls created specifically for health education tools.

Create the Agenda, upload faculty bios and images, create worksheets and patient cases. You can also create remotely controlled interactive presentations. There is a lot of work on your side, let us do the paperwork. Without actually using the paper.

in person and remote access

Once the iPAD or a phone client joins the meeting, the latest version of the questionnaire is pulled and stored safely on the device. The device can be used in the offline mode if needed, storing responses locally and uploading it to the central repository when a connection is reestablished.

Great for having a board meeting at your preferred picturesque location, a charming restaurant instead of the congress centre.

Should you decide to host a remote board meeting instead, the web client allows your attendees to complete the questionnaires during a predefined period of time. We make sure they submit results only once.

Remote access allows for different ways of using the platform. PRLs can meet MDs in person or remotely and still have the same questionnaire, presentations and health education tools available to them.

patient case video

Many pharmaceutical advisory board meetings are built around multiple patient cases, directing the conversation to particular aspects of the disease and treatment. Questionnaires are frequently built around patient cases and our platform takes great care tp ensure that the relevant case is visible and accessible during these questionnaires.

What if you can provide even more detail on the case using the video format and the talent of your choosing? What if, instead of a stock photo, you have a live person describing the condition, asking questions and pausing at particular points to collect the advisor’s response?

You can do just that, with the latest version of the AdBoards software.