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Consulting Services: from UX and Middleware to Legacy Systems

Code Revolt has been providing Information Technology Consulting Services to businesses of all sizes since 2002. We have many years of experience with all layers of the software development stack, and can offer clear perspective on the project whether we are starting from the User Experience or the Legacy System already in place. Code Revolt development procedures have always been built around Object Oriented Methodologies: we have been practicing eXtreme Programming techniques since 2002, migrating to Agile in recent years.

Be it putting a new “face” on an existing legacy system, or interfacing different systems or layers, we value the maintainability and scalability of the new solution above all. We develop frameworks rather than closed solutions, and provide APIs that can be used by in-house programmers easily and cost efficiently. Code Revolt also looks at all the layers of the development stack.

We understand the value of Server, Network and Hosting resources, and the importance of addressing availability and redundancy issues early on.

We work with large databases, our Data Modeling is always tested on the multiples of the expected number of users. As a result Code Revolt projects scale well, and our data models remain sound over years and even decades of use. However, data is ubiquitous and relationship database is just one model of data persistence for each project.

The core value of custom software development is in its Business Layer, a carefully crafted set of objects developed to last many years. This is where Agile and eXtreme Programming skills come to shine, and where our in-house developed frameworks allow for a rapid development schedule. We have been developing in C#/C++/C Development in the .NET/MVC Microsoft Windows Distributed Environment for many years, but work with other platforms and third party frameworks as well.

User Interface and increasingly User Experience are modules where we always work hand in hand with the client, and where the creative experience of our designers and work with focus groups becomes important. We offer graphic design, UX discovery, analysis… We can work across platforms, or develop multiple platform and device specific front ends.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organization in setting up and maintaining a modern, secure and efficient corporate platform. We would like to help you achieve your business goals creatively, effectively and on time.