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Code Revolt Software Inc. is the premier providers of IT services to small to medium size companies. We specialize in system integration, especially for the transportation and finance & insurance industries, be it integration with existing applications or interfacing with external systems through Web services, .NET remoting technology, EDI, XML/SOAP or proprietary TCP/IP protocols. Our experience in performance critical environments, and our in house software development expertise allows us to provide very robust, yet cost effective solutions. We base our solutions on the .NET technology for Windows platforms. We also provide open source based solutions in the Linux environment.

In addition to our IT consulting services, we are also teaming up with content providers in implementing custom interactive applications for their clients.  We build on top of our existing frameworks built for online surveys, email campaigns and a variety of interactive applications with protected content.  Contact us, we might already have the right solution for your company!

Our own development practices are based on extreme programing and design by contract methodology.  This allows us to provide quick and cost effective solutions that are very robust in exploitation.  But more importantly, it provides a role for our customers during the development phase.  Our offer includes thorough examination of their business objectives and practices.  And active customer involvement during the software production phase guarantees successful achievement of these goals, resulting in maintainable solutions.  For very large projects, we are teaming up with our European partners.

We have recently extended our offer to retail complete network configurations (hardware and software), as well as individual components.

Please find out more from a complete list of services we provide:

Transportation and Trade Logistics Organizations Network Administration and Hardware Sales
Interactive Services IT Consulting Services